P3, the European Industrial Pharmacists’ Group (EIPG; http://www.eipg.eu) will be an essential element of implementation work programme (WP) and together with EAFP – will lead WP5 exploitation. EIPG will also provide invaluable advice on the regulatory aspects of any recommendations and other issues coming out of PHAR-IN. EIPG. is a European association representing the national, professional organizations of pharmacists employed in the pharmaceutical and allied industries of the Member States of the European Union. Its foundation dates back to 1966 and, over the years, it has progressed in its activities in line with the evolution of the European Union. As a European association having its official seal with the French Order of Pharmacists, EIPG is registered at the Prefecture of Police in Paris. Today EIPG represents about 12,000 pharmacists working in the European industry.²

The managerial tasks at P3 will be assumed by Luigi Martini who is Professor of Pharmaceutical Innovation at King’s College London and Director of Rainbow medical engineering; KCL is Europe’s largest centre of health education, with world renowned clinical services and research in physical and mental health. Professor Martini has occupied many roles in Industry from Senior Director of Preclinical and Pharmaceutical Development for Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific at GlaxoSmithKline to the development of dosage forms to the design and successful implementation of technological platforms e.g. the DiffCORE and MyDOSE technologies. Professor Martini was made visiting Professor at John Moores University of Liverpool in 2006 and designated a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 2008. Professor Martini was appointed a member of the REF2014 sub-panel for Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing and Allied Healthcare professionals in 2011. His research interests include the use of ultrasonic processing technology to fabricate medical devices and pharmaceutical dosage forms, the design of dosage form concepts for delivering personalised medicines and the development of biopharmaceuticals.


Jane Nicholson is Executive Director of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group


  • University of London, Chelsea (now Kings) School of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Pre-registration, Beecham Research Laboratories, Member of the Pharmaceutical Society 1964
  • Member College of Pharmacy Practice 1982
  • Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society 1985
  • Fellow International Pharmaceutical Federation 2005
  • Registration, General Pharmaceutical Council 2010- 2012

Industrial Positions:

  • Formulation pharmacist, Beecham Research 1965
  • Registration Executive, New Product Manager then Registration Manager, ER Squibb 1966-76
  • Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Bristol-Myers Squibb 1976 -2008

Professional Expert, Pharmaceutical Education:

  • Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Education Committee 1987-94
  • RPS, then General Pharmaceutical Council panel member, accreditation of UK Schools of Pharmacy 1990- 2012.
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society Education Expert Advisory Panel member, 2011-2012
  • Visiting lecturer, PIAT programme, University of Manchester 2007- 2012

Recent Publication on Industrial Pharmacy Education:

ATKINSON, J., NICHOLSON, J., ROMBAUT, B. Survey of pharmaceutical education in Europe PHARMINE – Report on the integration of the industry component in pharmacy education and training. Industrial Pharmacy, 2012, 13: 17-20. http://www.industrialpharmacy.eipg.eu/records/EIP13/EIP13%20Jun12%20P17.pdf

In relation to the present project, it should be noted that Jane Nicholson from EIPG (partner of this PHAR-IN project) was leader of WP5 PHARMINE. Her long and extensive experience of all facets of industry – especially in regulatory affairs – will be of great value to the consortium.

EIPG/KCL will also be represented by Brian Gennery who will develop a distance learning course based on the results of the PHAR-IN Delphi survey.


Brian Gennery


  • MB ChB, University of Bristol – 1964
  • Diploma of Pharmaceutical Medicine – 1976

University position

  • Visiting Professor at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, King’s College, London. My responsibilities at King’s are to develop and implement a new suite of postgraduate programmes is pharmaceutical medicine to include Masters degrees, Diplomas and Certificates.

Industrial experience

  • Self employed consultant focusing on strategic drug development, early stage clinical trials, paediatric drug development and education and training of clinical researchers, with a wide network within in the pharmaceutical industry, the regulatory authorities and academia.


  • Group Medical Director (Europe)Lilly Research Labs and previously UK Medical Director.
  • Marketing Manager and Medical Adviser, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Director of Development, Chiroscience
  • Director of Clinical Research Centre, University of Surrey, acting Dean and acting Head of School
  • Non Executive Director of PanTherix Limited
  • Non Executive Director of RainyDaySofware Limited
  • Co-founder and Executive Director of Arakis Limited
  • Member of societies, expertise
  • Expert for the EU Commission on Life Sciences, Genomic and Biotechnology for Health
  • Member of PharmaTrain project of the Innovative Medicines Initiative
  • Chair of the new Data Management Committee and member of the Project Advisory Panel for GPRD at the MHRA
  • Chairman of Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) for Data Bases at the Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • Chairman of the Scientific and Ethics Advisory Group at MHRA (preceded ISAC)
  • Chairman of the British Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians
  • President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Council of the Royal College of Physicians of London
  • Board of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
  • Honours and membership of professional bodies
  • Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine – 1989 (President from 2001 to 2005)
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh – 1998
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London – 2002
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow – 2005
  • Member of the British Empire (MBE) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours – June 2008
  • Member of the British Medical Association.
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
  • Member of the British Society for Rheumatology

In relation to the present project, it should be noted that the long and extensive experience of Brian Gennery at the highest levels of industry and academia and his numerous positions in various colleges and associations will be of great value to the project, as will be his experience in developing and running distance learning courses.