P4, UniCt, the University of Catania (http://www.unict.it/en/rectors-welcome) will play a major role in WP2 implementation.

UniCt has been a focal point in culture and learning since its founding, in 1434. Today it offers an attractive portfolio of academic titles and is engaged in creating a “laboratory” in which the ancient knowledge of the Mediterranean culture meets the new technologies in order to offer an original and advanced training experience. The University of Catania is also a very attractive proposition for companies with an interest in the transfer of technology from the University Departments, Institutes and Research Centres. The faculty of Pharmacy has updated its formative offer fitting in line with the strategy of the EHEA and the EU Directive for the profession of pharmacist. UniCt also has specialist courses of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology and Pharmacy.

The managerial tasks at UniCt will be assumed by Giuseppe Ronsisvalle who is vice-president of the OECD Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE, http://www.oecd.org/edu/imhe/). He recently participated as a member of the evaluation team in the analysis of the Lombardy within the OECD reviews of higher education in regional and city development. Professor Ronsisvalle is coordinator of the Internal Quality Office (Presidio della Qualità) of the University of Catania. He is also former president of the Italian Conference of Deans of Pharmacy, and Vice-President of the European Association of Faculty of Pharmacy. He is the Italian representative in the Steering Committee for Education Policy and Practice (CDPPE) of the Council of Europe. He was a member of UNICT team for the EUA-CRE evaluation and collaboration with OECD in the Programme on higher education in regional and city development. He is a member of the Italian Chemical Society and of the Accademia Gioenia of Natural Sciences. Giuseppe Ronsisvalle’s main research interests are in R&D for drugs for neuro-protection and of new central analgesics as well as the study of mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease.