PHAR-IN is divided into 5 WPs.

  • WP1 management (MNGT) will be run jointly by P1/VUB and P2/PCN. Basecamp ( software will be used. This is a web-based project management and collaboration tool with to-dos, files, messages, schedules, and milestones.
  • WP2 implementation (IMP) will be run by P2/PCN. This will constitute the core of the project and will consist in:
    • Production of a list of topics for a curriculum in present day pharmaceutical biotechnology using a Delphi process. The Delphi method is a structured communication technique which relies on a panel of experts (members of EIPG and EAFP, and industrial pharmacists). The latter answer questionnaires – in this case the ranking of topics for a pharmaceutical biotechnology course – in two or more rounds. After each round, a facilitator (P2/PCN) provides an anonymous summary of the experts’ forecasts from the previous and experts are encouraged to revise their earlier answers in the light of the replies of other members of their panel. It is believed that during this process the range of the answers will decrease and the group will converge towards the “correct” answer. Ranking with be done using Likert scales that are used in questionnaires to obtain participant’s preferences or degree of agreement with a statement or set of statements.
    • Production, running and evaluation of the course in the universities of King’s College, London and Catania.
  • WP3 quality plan (QPLN) will be centred on the evaluation of the work of the consortium. It will be run by P2/PCN.
  • WP4 dissemination (DISS) will be run by P2/PCN and will concern the dissemination of the consortium’s work and results to all potential stakeholders starting with members of EIPG and EAFP.
  • WP5 exploitation (EXP), run by P2/PCN will promote the survival of the project once the 2-year period of EC/EACEA ( funding is over.

A summary of the project.

WP Milestone Measurable indicators of progress
MNGT Setting-up of Basecamp website. Posting of information and its discussion. Basecamp website exists and is functional.
MNGT Three consortium meetings at VUB in Brussels: kick-off, intermediate and final Meetings are held, well attended and all relevant matters are dealt with
MNGT Production of intermediate and final reports, and financial tables by VUB and PCN, approved by consortium Reports and financial tables are accepted by EACEA
IMP Drawing up of 1st list of competences and modalities for pharmaceutical biotech course (PBC), Delphi through committee, drawing up of 2nd and future lists, Delphi through EIPG, EAFP and industrialists. Lists are produced; consensus Delphi process is performed; a final consensus framework of topics for the PBC is produced.
IMP Establish PBC and advertise PBC is produced. Advertising is carried out satisfactory: all target groups are contacted.
IMP Run and evaluate PBC PBC successfully carried out and evaluated
QPLN Ensure quality assurance (QA) and monitoring of the project QA is successfully ensured and the project successfully monitored
DISS Ensure production and dissemination of information on the project to potential stakeholders All stakeholders are successfully contacted
EXP Post funding period: maintenance of Delphi tool, track changes in competences, develop PBC according to changes in competences. Adapt to areas other than biotechnology. Post funding exploitation is successfully carried out.